Welcome to eDoctor Radio

eDoctor Radio is the first health radio of Bangladesh.

About Us

Radio is one of the most powerful communication tools of 21st century. In 2010, radio is then very much popular media in our country. We made a plan to aware people through the youth voice. We involved few young, energetic students with us and formed a online radio station ‘eDoctor Radio’. Radio has the ability to raise awareness and stimulate social change amongst the target audience It was a great challenge for us to establish a radio server but our effort never let down our desire. We made a server with some garbedged desktop parts and a Pentium-3 processor by which 7 people can listen at a time. We were given a room by a donar to record our radio shows. Day by day we have improved our resouces. Now we can serve thousands of listeners from home and abroad. Within a few days we started broadcasting LIVE health shows. eDoctor attracts the young people very much. we have trained almost 70 young people yet on radio broadcasting and delivering health messages to the common people. Empowered youth activists could reflect on their experiences and learning and generate new ideas to drive reform of stop and search, both locally and nationally.

Our Team